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Hosted Nina and Neal Kasper's CRX Screensaver (Win32) Download it here

Hosted CRXGATOR's N9 Video! Check it out!

Changed around the forum colors, and integrated the forum into the main site navigation. Looks good to me!

Updated the frontpage a little bit, removed sections that aren't used, etc... and added the articles page. Also threw a little PHP/MySQL into the mix ;-D

N8 was friggin AWESOME!!! here are the pics: http://www.crxohio.org/N8Pics/

We have moved to a new home and new domain name! Welcome to CRXOHIO.ORG!!

Ok, i havent updated the site recently, but I decided to
mirror superstreet02's post on honda-tech in the meets section
all of the info can be found there and is current as of 6/3/02

The Forum is now up and running, please register, and enjoy!

Ok, this is my first attempt at a site for us, so hopefully
you guys approve. we don't have a name or anything, but here's
my start. This site will be totally data driven, with PHP/MySQL on
the backend. I want to have a little profile page with pics and
descriptions of each member and their car. Each member will have a
username/password where they can upload pics/change their profile, etc.
let me know what you guys think. I'm waiting to hear back from CRX777 to
get the rest of everyone's info.